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OOC (Out of Character): I hope no one minds that I made the first post. I hope it's up to the RP community's standards, and I look forward to keeping this up and running. As for whom my roommate may be, I do not honestly mind one way or the other. I suppose, whoever wants to be can just post after me, and I will accept them as they are.

IC (In Character):

The day the school opened up to move in its students was a day that was almost too perfect for words. The sun was shining just enough for the air to warm the body in a pleasantly comforting manner. A small wind broke through the trees and leaves, shaking the colors off their branches to paint the streets and walkways below. Even the roads, normally busy with traffic and irritated people trying to flee from their last stagnant position as fast as a bullet in an effort to arrive at their destination a few seconds earlier, were now silent and abandoned, save for the occasional car that passed by almost unnoticed.

College: the final end of bookwork learning and the beginning of a whole new form of critical thinking. The bare essence was so exuberating, or at least that was the opinion of a young freshman whose long blonde hair, vivid blue eyes and small frame made him stand easily out in a crowd of his peers. He had come by taxi, the said vehicle of which had just collected its fines and was now headed back down the road to its next job or moments break. Now he stood among the path of college with nothing more than a large duffel bag, almost too large for his tiny body, swung in place around his shoulder.

“Hey, watch it you little punk!”

“Arisu, matte yo! That’s not funny!”

“The food better be good here.”


Hikarutsuki Eiri couldn’t help but smile at the mindless chatter that went on around him. In a way, he almost felt like nothing more than a visitor to this grand place, hidden beneath the shadows of others in silence for observation and research only. The idea was unsettling, and for a moment he remained motionless in that single area, staring out toward the building with wary eyes. No, he had enough of observation to last him well past a lifetime. He had come to his college for more than one reason, after all, and one of his top priorities was to engross himself in what the human race would classify as “normal behavior.” He wanted to be more than just an invisible face behind the works of drabble and spilled paints the public had deemed as art. He wanted to be a part of society, as if he were a human being for a change. Yes, his mind was made up, and there was no use contemplating consequence or drastic change of plans. He would only be a coward to step out now. So, instead he stepped forward.

The halls to the dormitory were fairly crowded as it was, what with people moving about to move in their things and get settled into some means of normality. He only walked by them without a single word, squeezing in-between people here and there until finally the numbers drew closer to his own dormitory. 510… 511… 512… 513! There it was, smack dab right in his face. Nervously he reached into his pocket to withdraw his own key, not really knowing if anyone was in there before him, but not wanting to disturb them in their work or train of thought if they were. With one quick shift of the key in its proper position, the door unlocked and he walked inside.

The dorms were bigger than he imagined, relieving enough. There was enough space at least for two desks, two futon’s for beds, one large closet separated by a steel pipe, two short dressers, one television stand, and one mini fridge set perfectly in the middle in between the two sides of the closet. But most importantly, he found that he was the only one in the entire room, and with no visage of personal things seen at all in eye’s range, that meant that he got here before his roommate, which was perfectly fine with him. That was, until a sudden realization brought his features into nervous discomfort. Who was his roommate anyway?
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