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Rules of the RP

1. NO ONE LINE RP. I am talking about the sort of role play where you just post a single line of speech or action. We are looking for paragraph style rp. Write more like a story rather than a conversation.

2. No forcing action upon other characters. In Example - Sachiko hit Taka upon the head and he fell down. (Bad!!!) You can not play another character than your own or a NPC that has been approved by me.

3. No killing of other people's characters or your own for that matter.

4. No playing more than one character. NPC's are alright as long as they are approved. Say your character has a brother or sister that is mostly there to further the story. As long as they are approved that is fine, but they are more or less a background prop.

5. When it comes to sex/violence/drugs/cursing please post as a "friends only" security level. That way people who just pass by the club don't think that the club is strictly about that. Under this mode we who belong to the group can see it but other can't.

6. There is no character with unlimited powers. I am sorry this is a pet peeve of mine. Everyone has weakness'. Don't think you can't be hurt. You can.

7. When creating a character make sure to post it on it's own entry. That way it appears on the front page. I will approve the character by commenting on the post.

8. Have fun! That is what we are here for!

I may add more rules later on. We will see once the rp starts.
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