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OOC (Out of Character): I hope no one minds that I made the first post. I hope it's up to the RP community's standards, and I look forward to keeping this up and running. As for whom my roommate may be, I do not honestly mind one way or the other. I suppose, whoever wants to be can just post after me, and I will accept them as they are.

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I was wondering who all the pairs will be in the dorm? As well as where would the school be located? Can't wait to start, but I will not have the internet this weekend because i move in to my apartment. But I will hopefully have it by next week monday.
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Hey! I just had a sudden idea for a layout. XDDD


Well if everyone gives me a picture of their character I could make a layout for the community with everyones characters picture!!! XD

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I think that perhaps, if everyone still wishes for a good RP, the moderator should choose the setting so that we may all begin. I konw I am rather anxious to start my character's first post. So if we could at least all agree to that, and if this community is not completely dead, then perhaps we can get going.
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Rofl i've been here a long time and i forgot this too, please forgive me. here is lady__jupiters info:

Name: Kino Makoto aka lita in english
Age: 18
Birthday: December the 5th, Sagittarius
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Subject: Home Economics & History
Least Favorite Subject: Physics
Hobby: Cooking, baking, gardening
Special Abilities: Super strong,her senshi powers dealing with thunder and lighting
Likes: Romance Novels
Dislikes: Cheaters, and people who hurt her friends

She day dreams a lot about how every guy looks like her ex boyfriend, but she is slowly getting over that fact to see what else is out there. Most of all she loves to cook to bring a smile to her friend's faces. Though her parents both died when she was young she learned to be on her own. To survive the world with no friends or loved ones until usagi came in to her life. She is as feminine, as she is fierce when someone pushes her too far. She will fight till the very end for the ones she loves.

OOC Notes: I want her to transform back and forth between princess, sailor senshi, and normal. That way people can see different sides of her. let me know if that is an issue.
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Character Profile

I cannot believe I almost forgot this. I apologize full-heartedly. No sense in me even asking about RP before I even know if my character is accepted or not.

Name: Hikarutsuki Eiri
Age: 22
Height: 5'5
Weight: varies
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: February 15
Hobbies: Writing, painting, and gambling.
Weaknesses: He never eats much, so often times he will unintentionally starve himself for days, usually if enthralled deeply in his work. In addition, his work is his weakness, and his addiction.
Extra Info: Not much is known by him. His parents died when he was four, though their cause of death are unknown to Eiri. He was bounced around from various orphanages for years afterwards until he turned fifteen. He ran away, and after a few years was forgotten in the police reports. His biological appearance is very unique, what with him being half Japanese and half German. His hair is long and blonde and always tied in a braid over his left shoulder. But his eyes are what really stand out - a very bright blue that seem almost unnatural. Other than that, he wears normal clothes, usually a long button-down shirt, jeans, and shoes. He's very quiet and shy, so he doesn't make friends. In fact, he never stays in one place for long at a time anyway. Though how he has the money to travel like he does is a mystery all its own. In fact, almost everything about him is mysterious.

Note: There's no need to worry about him having supernatural powers or anything like that. He's not some super-human creature, just a very secluded and mysterious youth.
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Getting Started

Well if you check out the post before this one...You will see some great suggestions for ideas to start this rp off. If you have any others...comment here. Or cast a vote for one of them.
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OOC: Hello

I'm beginning to wonder if this community has died. I hope not, because I look forward to RPing with each and everyone of you, and also have a few suggestions for ways to stick one another together.

  1. We could all work at the same place.

  2. We could all be interrested in one large house for the summer, but because the owners of that house plan to keep it, they only offer to rent it to three or more people.

  3. We could be at a boarding scool or college.

Well, those are just a few ideas, anyway. I hope to hear from you soon. Perhaps this RPG may be ressurected...
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Rules of the RP

1. NO ONE LINE RP. I am talking about the sort of role play where you just post a single line of speech or action. We are looking for paragraph style rp. Write more like a story rather than a conversation.

2. No forcing action upon other characters. In Example - Sachiko hit Taka upon the head and he fell down. (Bad!!!) You can not play another character than your own or a NPC that has been approved by me.

3. No killing of other people's characters or your own for that matter.

4. No playing more than one character. NPC's are alright as long as they are approved. Say your character has a brother or sister that is mostly there to further the story. As long as they are approved that is fine, but they are more or less a background prop.

5. When it comes to sex/violence/drugs/cursing please post as a "friends only" security level. That way people who just pass by the club don't think that the club is strictly about that. Under this mode we who belong to the group can see it but other can't.

6. There is no character with unlimited powers. I am sorry this is a pet peeve of mine. Everyone has weakness'. Don't think you can't be hurt. You can.

7. When creating a character make sure to post it on it's own entry. That way it appears on the front page. I will approve the character by commenting on the post.

8. Have fun! That is what we are here for!

I may add more rules later on. We will see once the rp starts.
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