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OOC (Out of Character): I hope no one minds that I made the first post. I hope it's up to the RP community's standards, and I look forward to keeping this up and running. As for whom my roommate may be, I do not honestly mind one way or the other. I suppose, whoever wants to be can just post after me, and I will accept them as they are.

IC (In Character):

The day the school opened up to move in its students was a day that was almost too perfect for words. The sun was shining just enough for the air to warm the body in a pleasantly comforting manner. A small wind broke through the trees and leaves, shaking the colors off their branches to paint the streets and walkways below. Even the roads, normally busy with traffic and irritated people trying to flee from their last stagnant position as fast as a bullet in an effort to arrive at their destination a few seconds earlier, were now silent and abandoned, save for the occasional car that passed by almost unnoticed.

College: the final end of bookwork learning and the beginning of a whole new form of critical thinking. The bare essence was so exuberating, or at least that was the opinion of a young freshman whose long blonde hair, vivid blue eyes and small frame made him stand easily out in a crowd of his peers. He had come by taxi, the said vehicle of which had just collected its fines and was now headed back down the road to its next job or moments break. Now he stood among the path of college with nothing more than a large duffel bag, almost too large for his tiny body, swung in place around his shoulder.

“Hey, watch it you little punk!”

“Arisu, matte yo! That’s not funny!”

“The food better be good here.”


Hikarutsuki Eiri couldn’t help but smile at the mindless chatter that went on around him. In a way, he almost felt like nothing more than a visitor to this grand place, hidden beneath the shadows of others in silence for observation and research only. The idea was unsettling, and for a moment he remained motionless in that single area, staring out toward the building with wary eyes. No, he had enough of observation to last him well past a lifetime. He had come to his college for more than one reason, after all, and one of his top priorities was to engross himself in what the human race would classify as “normal behavior.” He wanted to be more than just an invisible face behind the works of drabble and spilled paints the public had deemed as art. He wanted to be a part of society, as if he were a human being for a change. Yes, his mind was made up, and there was no use contemplating consequence or drastic change of plans. He would only be a coward to step out now. So, instead he stepped forward.

The halls to the dormitory were fairly crowded as it was, what with people moving about to move in their things and get settled into some means of normality. He only walked by them without a single word, squeezing in-between people here and there until finally the numbers drew closer to his own dormitory. 510… 511… 512… 513! There it was, smack dab right in his face. Nervously he reached into his pocket to withdraw his own key, not really knowing if anyone was in there before him, but not wanting to disturb them in their work or train of thought if they were. With one quick shift of the key in its proper position, the door unlocked and he walked inside.

The dorms were bigger than he imagined, relieving enough. There was enough space at least for two desks, two futon’s for beds, one large closet separated by a steel pipe, two short dressers, one television stand, and one mini fridge set perfectly in the middle in between the two sides of the closet. But most importantly, he found that he was the only one in the entire room, and with no visage of personal things seen at all in eye’s range, that meant that he got here before his roommate, which was perfectly fine with him. That was, until a sudden realization brought his features into nervous discomfort. Who was his roommate anyway?
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Sighing she got out of the disgusting taxi, this was defiantly like it was back home. She looked at all the women dressed so revealing it made her blush, didn't they know about conservatism. Paying the driver and grabbing her purse and two piece of luggage. She stacked the smaller of the two on top of the lager and slanted it on it wheels.
"HEY! She’s cute."
"Hey babes come over sometime"
She looked at the boys and smiled, this was a fresh start where she wont be judged. There would be no rumors, and no one will know who she really is. Though she would miss the gang, she had to be an individual to stick out on her own.
Reaching the elevator she squished herself in and pressed the 5th floor bottom. I wonder who will I be staying with. *ding* This was it she got off and saw there were both men and women on the same floor. Interesting...she started to go down the hall her heart racing, 510, 512,513!.
She smiled she finally reached her home for college, though she wasnt as smart as Ami. She had to make it somehow. Knocking on the door, to not disturb her new roommate if she was sleeping. Turing the knob she pushed the door open. "Hello?!"

Eiri nearly dropped his computer when the voice of a female came from nowhere, startling him and throwing him completely off balance. But, at the last minute he was able to grab his footing and his hands were fortunate enough to move at just the right position to catch his precious piece of equipment before it shattered among the floor. That was a close one.

"Hello?" He repeated her inquiry and turned around to face what his ears had confirmed just a second ago. A girl... she was... a girl? The idea was strange, that a girl and a boy would be stuck together in the same dorm room together. Were the college counselors insane? Or maybe this was just the average norm. He had to keep an open mind: after all, stretching out and realizing his surroundings and the normality of the world was one of the great reasons he came here to begin with.

The laptop slid just slightly from his hands clutches, but he went to catch it again. "Sorry... I'm really not so good with people, I'm afraid." Already apt to apologize without realizing he hadn't done anything wrong. Ignorance was bliss at times, but other times...

He wandered over to his desk and set down his computer. He might as well get it hooked up. He just needed the cord right here... and they attached just... like... that...

"My name is Hikarutsuki Eiri, by the way. It's nice to meet you."
Here eyes go wide, she was with with a BOY!!!. A blushed started on her cheeks, but it was quickly gone. Why was a boy here in her room, was this normal for the states. It was nothing like home. This is what she wanted after all to be on her own, to stand out by herself with out the scouts.
"Hi," she waved and smiled, " It's nice to meet you Hikarutsuki. My name is Kino Makoto. Are you my roommate in 513?" She gave a question look, but didn't want to seem rude so she laughed it off. Turning to her side she pushed the door open more and dragged in her luggage. However she miscalculated the door and it came back to hit her in the face.
"Eh... you can call me Eiri," he spoke. "Just... Eiri." She seemed to be Japanese, so at least that meant they came from similar background. 'Don't fool yourself, Eiri. Your background is nothing like anyone else's, and that's why you're here to begin with.'

When he saw the door come to smack her in the face, he made a quick move to grab the ends. Though he wasn't quick enough to stop it from connecting to the girl, he did manage to at least pull it back and hold it in place. "Here, I can at least give you a hand." Not that she seemed to really need it. By the looks of it, she was probably stronger than he was. But that didn't mean he couldn't offer her some means of help, even if it were small.
"Thank you," 'great I meet the first guy here whose really cute and suppose to me room mate and I do this. What was she thinking at a time like this she was supposed to be here for studies not boys.'
She gave him a smile, then touched her face it was a bit sore. Putting her luggage in the room she saw it was nicely set up. Turning around to face him she extended her hand. "Its nice to meet you Eri, you can call me Mako. Do you know if we can cook in here?" It was one of her passions that she couldn't live with out.
Well, that sounded like a strange question, but maybe it was a rather rational inquiry for the norm. It was just one other observation he would have to jot down on his mental list.

"Well, we do have a microwave," he pointed to the small one sitting on top of their mini freezer. His complete diet consisted of canned soup, usually one every day or every other day or so, depending on his mood and whenever he remembered.
"Hmmm, I guess I can work with that, sorry I love to cook. So me with out a kitchen is going to be really hard." she gave him a smile, and took a look around, the space was small for two people, but it will do.
"Do you need help unpacking or anyting at all?" she wanted to get to know him before bed.
"Oh, no, thank you though." He shut the door after she was all the way in. "I'm already unpacked." He didn't really have a whole lot anyway. A laptop, a few pants and shirts, some socks and underwear, and then of course a small box filled with his art supplies, a few large canvases, some pieces of paper, a small stereo system, a few CD's, a portable CD player, a pack of cigarettes and a few lighters... yeah, that was about it.

And now there was nothing left to do, but he was feeling tired. 'Well, this is our room. I guess this means it's appropriate to dress in front of each other? Well, I'll find out soon enough...' He pulled his shirt over his head then, now exposing his bare chest. To him, his size and stature seemed perfectly normal. But to the average eye, they could find the underlying truth frightening, perhaps even repulsive. The young man was far too thin even for his height, and it shown well all across his body. Yet he didn't seem to notice it at all.

'I suppose I should just leave my pants on. I guess I could sleep in those for a change... I wonder if normal people just use their bottom clothes for pajamas.'

"Oh, by the way; I'm not sure what type of music you listen or not, but I'm fairly big into it myself. I brought a small stereo system that actually gets good sound, but if piano, sax, and violin music bothers you, I've also got a portable CD player I don't mind listening to."
She was upset that she could no longer cook. When he took off his shirt, she blushed even a darker shade of red. She never seen any guy do that, except Ken. However he was her best friend and that something totally different. "Um... I guess that�s ok, your music wont bother me I love to listen to those sounds as well they are so graceful and so full of life." Sighing she squatted down and started to unpack her laptop, placing it one the desk. She leaned over she started to hook up everything.
Out of a habit she started to hum a tune to herself, as she unpacked her cloths and placed them in the dresser. Looking at the mattress she could tell it was dusty.
"I hope it doesn't bother you that I clean up a little.� She started to wipe down the whole room that was mutual to hers.
Pounding on the bed, then wiping it down it was all ready. She put on her clean dark green sheets, with a pink blanket. Fluffing her pillow and setting in the middle of the bed. Smiling she sat on a chair, thinking over the current events. Looking at the time it was already getting late.
"Eiri would you like to get some dinner with me, or do you want me to pick you up anything?"
He folded up his shirt and tossed it into the hamper near the closet. A few more days and he'd do the laundry, but for now he supposed he didn't have to worry about one shirt.

When she commented about her cleaning habits, he only smiled. "Oh no, I don't mind at all. In fact, I'm rather meticulous in my own work space, but in all honesty I could live in almost any setting." Or at least, he assumed he couldn't. He hadn't been used to anyone but himself.

And then came her next statement, more in the form of a question now. Dinner? What was that again? He seemed to contemplate the very word for a moment before familiarity struck and the word made sense. "Food? Oh, not thanks. I already had something yesterday." His usual can of soup. He'd be good now for another day at the least.
"WHAT?!??!" she couldn't hear what he just said, not eating for a long time that was just unspeakable. Yeah Usagi ate more then normal but once everyday and he still looked like that. hehe. Clearing her throat, she said" Ya know that's not a good thing, I'll bring you back a smoothie," she said with a wink. "Sorry about my outburst, it just surprised me was all." she gave a week hearted smile, as she looked out the window.
Either Mako was honestly surprised, or she just had a tendency to be very loud at times. Either way, as soon as he cried out Eiri was startled, and even stumbled back a few steps, tripping over the laundry basket and falling flat on the floor beneath him.

'Well, at least she apologized for it...' He rubbed at his head, listening to her words before cocking a slight eyebrow. "No, it's all right," he replied in his kindest voice. "I'm fine, but thank you for the offer."

Was it bad to refuse someone of something?
Walking over to where he fell back, she felt really bad. Extending her hand to offer him help up if he needed it.
"A smoothie isn't food, its a drink. You sure you dont want one they are really tasty." She said with a wink.
I would like to know if this community is still open.
dont mean to be a bother but WE NEED PEOPLE, WE WANT ALL!! so like i was saying theres this site just like the community here but it very new so it doesnt have much people but it has extra villages and stuff so yeah interested then click if not then, o well. (we also have akatsuki positions open but only these
(first come first serve, you may have mutiple characters, yes you can make up ur own with its made up powers)